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Preparation for ISO27001 Certification

By 20th July 2016ISO27001

Achieving ISO27001 Certification requires an organisation to demonstrate to an external auditor that a policy driven approach to data management, risk & security is in place throughout all aspects of the business within scope, supported by hard evidence that procedures are effective in every day practice.  

It is not an easy certification to achieve, which in hand gives ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification a real credibility to potential clients as it requires complete commitment from the business and may involve significant change to internal processes.

Before embarking on the process to achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification, the following considerations must be taken:

1)  Management “buy in” is essential.

The process to achieve ISO27001 Certification for any business will involve a commitment of time & effort from its employees – from the ‘boardroom’ to the ‘shopfloor.’  Ongoing commitment from the Directors is therefore crucial; not only to allocate the budget, personnel & time required, but also to provide leadership & to communicate to the employees about the implications of non-conformance with the new policies & procedures.  ISO27001 Certification is led from the top.

2)  ‘Project Based’ approach is required.

ISO27001 Certification effects all areas of an organisation within the scope of the ISMS* & there are many stakeholders involved that require co-ordination during the process. The UKAS Audit to achieve ISO27001 Certification will also ask to see nominated personnel responsible for data & risk management, so it makes clear sense to have a central Project Manager to drive & deliver the Certification process internally.  Take ownership of the process.

3)  Identify the Scope of the ISMS*

ISO27001 Certification is awarded to the specific ISMS* as named within the Scope agreed with the UKAS Auditor. The Scope of the ISMS* covers an entire organisation in the majority of cases, but can be applied to a specific service, system or site if required. The Scope of your accreditation will have an effect on the total costs, consultancy & resources required to achieve Certification.  It pays to ensure the scope of the ISMS is accurate for your needs.

4)  Select the right specialist ISO27001 Consultancy for your business to provide advice & guidance.

Due to the complexities involved with ISO27001 Certification, most businesses engage with a specialist ISO27001 consultancy to provide guidance to ensure that ISO27001 Certification is achieved promptly, first time.  However, there are marked differences in the quality of consultancy & the total costs of delivery available from a wide selection of choice, so it is important to select the right partner organisation.  Choose the consultancy with the approach that suits your organisation.

We would advise avoiding companies that offer ‘fixed price’ solutions, or who name ‘fixed timeframes’ in their marketing – as we find each ISO27001 process is unique, with a range of variants that will affect the time / cost required.  You may find yourself saving a few hundred pounds at the start if your decision is based solely on price, but paying significantly more in the medium term to bring in additional expertise for security issues if the ISO27001 consultancy is delivered in a standardised, ‘off the shelf’ format.

*ISMS – Information Security Management System. The subject of the ISO27001 Audit & Certification.

Assured Information Security – Specialist ISO27001 Consultancy

At Assured, all of our consultants are qualified ISO27001 Lead Auditors & CLAS accredited – with SC Clearance & over 10 years consultancy experience in Information Security & Compliance – representing a maximum return on investment.

Our experienced approach delivers the right level of consultancy as required, working in partnership with our clients to ensure they have the policy templates, remote advice & onsite guidance as necessary to complete as much of the documentation & information population work themselves. This keeps costs to a minimum, & ensures the client is becoming familiar with managing the ISMS* as the process continues.

Assured specialise in working with companies with some of the following characteristics – UK based; SME’s (1-300 employees); Cloud based or Owned IT architectures; G-Cloud & Government Clients; Secure Data Management (Official, Secret & Top Secret).

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