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5 Immediate Benefits of ISO27001 Certification

By 26th July 2016ISO27001

ISO27001 Certification is a shrewd investment for any organisation, acting as an immediate, universally recognised indicator of an independently audited, best practice approach to information security, risk management & the protection of client data.

Certification gives significant regulatory, operational & commercial benefits, repaying the initial investment many times over.

Here we summarise just 5 of the immediate benefits to becoming ISO27001 Certified.

1)  Marketing Edge.   ISO27001 Certification enhances your company’s standing within the market & gives potential clients the assurance that your business has a managed, professional approach to protecting client data.  This opens new opportunities & is especially attractive to clients who manage sensitive information.

2)  Commercial Advantage.   More Public & Private Sector clients are now insisting that suppliers can demonstrate ISO27001 Certification as a minimum requirement in their commercial tenders.  A sharp rise in the number of UK businesses achieving ISO27001 Certification means non-certified businesses are increasingly at a disadvantage.

3)  Meeting Regulatory Compliance.   ISO27001 Certification is far reaching in all aspects of IT Governance, Information Handling, Data Protection and Privacy, creating a manageable, efficient methodology based approach to ensure regulatory compliance in these areas.  ISO27001 also forms the basis of G-Cloud & PSN Accreditation.

4)  Business Improvement.   ISO27001 is a living accreditation, audited annually, & encourages awareness of risk across the business.  It drives clear definitions of individual roles & responsibilities for information assets & decision making – resulting in a stronger internal organisation & enhanced control over business assets.

5)  Best Practice / Protected Reputation.   By implementing ISO27001 policies & controls, your business will be operating to recognised information security best practice – giving you peace of mind & protecting your business (and client data) from security incidents / data breaches that could destroy your reputation in a matter of minutes.


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